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Purify Your Indoor Air the Green Way

Purple phalaenopsis orchidby Terrie Schwartz

Need some fresh air in your home or office? Now is a good time to green up your indoor landscape with new houseplants.

Did you know that NASA scientists have found that houseplants can greatly improve the air quality in your home? When you have growing plants in your home or office you are scrubbing harmful gasses out of the air through the everyday process of photosynthesis. No matter which ones you choose, houseplants naturally and effectively clean the air you breathe through their recycling of the air around them.

Some plants are better than others in removing harmful household toxins, though. Some of the following are the best air cleaners and can even remove up to 90% of the chemicals in the air. This could mean a decreased risk of allergies, cancers, asthma and other diseases. Some “air cleaners” you are sure to enjoy include pothos, palms, peace lilies, ferns and many others. You may want to ask a houseplant expert to help you pick out plants that would do best in the lighting of your home or office.

Want something that can grow in a poorly-lit area? Try a pothos plant. Want something that has blooms to brighten up your indoor living area? Get some orchids – their blooms can last 6-12 weeks or even longer!

Want something that you can hang up? Two of the best hanging “air cleaner” plants are Boston ferns and Spider plants.

Of course, the more vigorously your plants grow the better job they will do for you. You should discuss with your houseplant professional about each plant’s needs for lighting, food and water. It’s also a good idea to dust the plant’s leaves off with a damp cloth to allow particles in the air to absorb well. Look at the space you have available and then choose one 10-12 inch potted plant per 100 square feet to effectively purify your air. Another benefit of houseplants is that they look much nicer than putting in an electrical air purifier!

Anytime is a great time to start cleaning your indoor air with beautiful houseplants.
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