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Wedel's Best All-Season Lawn Program Wedel's Best All-Season Lawn Program Just 4 Easy Steps! Call 345-1195 to order!
Wedel's 74th Anniversary Specials! Wedel's 74th Anniversary Specials! Click here to view ad! Buy Plants Online, Free In-Store Pickup! Buy Plants Online, Free In-Store Pickup! Click here to choose from Monrovia's over 3,000 varieties of plants! Ship to Wedel's and pick up for free! Order Candles Here! Order Candles Here! Shop Local! Click here to purchase your favorite Kalamazoo Candle scent. No toxins or dyes added!
Safe Shopping & Senior Hours Safe Shopping & Senior Hours We are asking you to wear a mask. Special shopping hours for seniors and those with compromised immune systems Tue & Thurs 8:00-9:00 am
Ready to Serve You! Ready to Serve You! Call 345-1195 for next day curbside pickup.. Or place order at Wedels.com for many of our most popular items. Or come in the store – please wear a mask and practice social distancing!
Spring Dreaming? Spring Dreaming? Not sure what plants you want? Search here. Get Ready for Spring! Get Ready for Spring! Click here to purchase a gift card that can be used any time of year. Shop for Seeds Now! Shop for Seeds Now! Get your spring garden seeds delivered to you!


Size Up Your Site: A First Step in Your Landscape

Whether you plan your garden from start to finish or use a professional designer, a Read more

Small Waterfall with beautiful greenery surrounding it

Simple Water Features for Small Spaces

A simple water feature can make a large impact even in small spaces. The addition of a container water garden will transform, beautify and diversify your existing garden into an oasis that brings relief during the dog days of summer and beyond. Sit back, relax and enjoy the melodious sound of dancing water from your g Read more

Simple Tricks to Keep Air Plants Thriving

Air plants are interesting to look at and an easy-care way to add color to your life. There is a common misconception that air plants are hard to keep alive. Not so! Follow these simple tricks to keep them happy and looking their best. Read more

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