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Gardening As Art

Living ArtIf you are an artist, want to be an artist or merely know what you like when you see it, here is a project for you that will put your vision on display for your own enjoyment and for others to see and appreciate. Give some thought to painting with perennials.

It is easy to find examples of artistic interpretation of landscapes rendered in oil, acrylic, pastelle etc. so why not combine the techniques used in those media to produce living art in your own landscape? A vacant area in your landscape can be as daunting as a blank canvas but you can do it. All it takes is some thought about what you like as far as texture and color are concerned added to some knowledge about plant growth habit and environmental requirements.

You don’t need to create a masterpiece of color and size! Combining plants with different textures and shades of green can be beautiful. Small leaved species next to larger leaved species will create overall texture. Include some plants with green and white variegated foliage and you have a classic example of subtlety. You don’t need complicated combinations or dozens of colors. You can even use annuals to vary the effect from year to year. Simplicity is elegance.

If you have larger areas consider using small trees and shrubs as a backdrop. Such examples as Red Select Cut Leaf Japanese Maple, Variegated Flowering Maple, Bloomerang Lilac, Lo And Behold Purple Haze Dwarf Butterfly Bush, Fragrant Sumac, El Dorado Feather Reed Grass are just the beginning of the list of possibilities. Your choice of backdrop color can set the stage for the featured varieties of small plant color and texture you stage in the front.

The combination of colors (white, red, pink maroon, green, burgundy, variegated etc.) and textures (broad leaf, toothed leaf, feathery, round, oblong etc.) is truly nearly endless. Don’t let it be daunting, let it be fun, exciting, inspiring; a method for you to release your artistic talent or, simply, a beautiful and enduring way for you to create. And remember; we’re here to help. If you have an idea of color or size or effect but have no idea of how to accomplish it, let us know or browse through our Plant Finder! We know plants; you know, or have an idea about, what you want. You can do it!
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