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Fun with Miniature Gardens

Fun with Miniature Gardens, a Hobby for Anyone

With the winter snow piling up around us, we as gardeners, get cabin fever way before anyone else does. We long for the day to get some soil beneath our fingernails and sweat on our brows! The fun of outdoor gardening can be brought inside with miniature gardening. Miniature gardening is a hobby that can be enjoyed by toddlers, the elderly and everyone in between.

One of the neat things about miniature gardening is how some people start their gardens. The base of these cute gardens could be an old bird bath or fountain that doesn’t work any more or even an old broken pot. Use your resources and imagination. For example, the broken lip to the pot could be snapped into pieces to make miniature steps inside the pot. The old fountain may not hold water, but it will sure hold soil! The next thing to do is fill your container with soil; I have had the best results with Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix. Then, start creating a setting – the possibilities are endless! Start out with a highlight in your container to be the focal point. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Create miniature walls & steps, make a stone patio, add a miniature house or cabin or barn setting. Try putting in a little pond or make a mini waterfall out of stones. The next thing you will want to add is miniature outdoor furniture, a little wagon or cart, or a cute vegetable garden.

Oh my! The fun has just begun, because then the miniature plants, moss, paths, grass, fire pits, and trees can be added to create a natural setting. A fun way to top it all off is with miniature lanterns and party lights.

What’s cool about miniature gardening is that as the seasons change, so can your landscape. One of the neatest, cutest, most fun parts can be the miniature Christmas scene. This hobby can help gardeners that feel trapped inside when the only shovel they get to use now is the snow shovel outside.

Have fun gardening!

Andrew Wedel                                                                                                                miniature_garden_2
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