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Composting 101 by Karen Anderson

Black GoldNow that you’re done planting your annuals and veggies, and spring chores are slowing down, it’s time to think about composting. Composting reduces what goes to landfills and is a great soil amendment for your gardens.
Several types of containers are available at Wedel’s; tumbling, upright, worm and kitchen. Composter types are a personal preference – what goes into the composter is what’s important and four equally important elements are needed:
    carbon – oxidation – to produce heat
    nitrogen – to grow and reproduce more organisms
    oxygen – to oxidize the carbon decomposition process
    water – to maintain activity

Brown matter includes dry leaves, twigs, sawdust, wood chips, straw and shredded paper. Green matter includes grass clippings, green plant matter, poultry manure and kitchen waste. Assemble 2 to 3 parts of brown matter to 1 part of green matter and alternate layers.
Moisture content should be about 50%, like a damp dish cloth. Optimum temperature is in the 90 degree to 135 degree F. range for fast decomposition.

Natural Guard Compost Maker (a composting aid) compost thermometer and compost aerators as well as sieves to remove chunks of debris and several styles of composters are available at Wedel’s. If you are ready to get rid of waste in an environmentally healthy way while producing some of the best material for your gardens and landscapes, stop in and see us for all of the information and equipment you’ll need.

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