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What’s the difference between oxygenators, marginals and floating water plants?

Marginals / Bog PCascading waterfalllants: 

These are shallow-water plants that live in either shallow water or very moist soil. They are grown at the edge of a pond or in water 1 – 6″ deep. They may be planted directly in the pond by placing them in containers and raising the container to the correct depth with blocks or shelves. These are also excellent for container gardening and very moist garden beds. Examples: sweet flag, marsh marigold, canna, taro, umbrella plant, papyrus, horsetail, iris, rush, cardinal flower, creeping jenny, mazus, forget-me-not, pickerel, bloody dock, arrow head, cattail and calla lily.

Oxygenators / Submerged plants:

 These are below-the-surface plants that act as natural filters, controlling algae growth and providing a nurturing environment for fish. They play an important role in the chemical and biological balance of a pond. Examples: mare’s tail, parrot’s feather, water violet, water hyacinth, Brazillian pennywort.


These plants either float freely on the surface of the pond to shade the water (aiding in algae control) or they are rooted in containers or soil on the bottom and send leaves up to float. Excellent as natural cooling and hiding places for fish. Examples: water lettuce, water hyacinth, hardy waterlily and lotus.

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