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Protecting Trees From Drought Stress

Summer can be the most stressful time of the year fro landscape plants with heat and drought being the main offenders Read more

End of Season Landscape To Do List

End-of-Season Landscape To-Do List If you haven’t already done it, be sure to feed your lawn with Lawn Winterizer soon. Your lawn’s fall feeding is the most important meal of Read more

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  Tomatoes     With so many tomato varieties and uses in the kitchen, it’s no wonder tomatoes are one of our most popular vegetables! We receive a lot of Read more

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Poinsettia Plant Fun Facts & Care

Poinsettia Plant Fun Facts & Care   Poinsettia plants add a bright spot of color into your Christmas home. They are the traditional gift to bring to Christmas gatherings that Read more

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Refresh your Hanging Baskets

This time of year, when it’s hot and dry, hanging baskets tend tostop flowering and start looking leggy and ‘blah.’                     Read more

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How to Install Raindrip Irrigation

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How often should I water my house plant?

We find the best way to judge whether your houseplant needs to be watered is to stick your finger down into the soil. If the soil is dry, water enough Read more

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How long should I run my sprinklers to get 1/2″ of water on my lawn?

The rule of thumb for watering lawns is 1/2 inch, twice per week. There are some variables however. If we have very dry weather patterns, plan to add a watering. Read more

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