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Product Spotlight: Monty’s Liquid Carbon Soil Conditioner

Monty's Liquid Carbon Soil ConditionerIntroducing Time In A Bottle: Nature developed your soils by incorporating a cycle of life, death, and decay. Over time, these layers became your rich, fertile topsoil. Today, however, many of these natural systems are out of balance resulting in a depletion of available nutrients within your soil profile and an increased dependency on chemical additives, like fertilizer. Monty’s Liquid Carbon can assist your soils and may return them to a more balanced state. By incorporating our advanced Humic Technology you can potentially see soils improve in as little as two weeks. We believe we have captured the essential elements from the breakdown of organic matter and placed them in every bottle of Monty’s Liquid Carbon.

Monty’s Liquid Carbon is a soil conditioner that utilizes the same production technologies that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of other Monty’s Plant Food products, such as Monty’s Liquid Fertilizer. The soil conditioning qualities of our processed Humic Substance are second to none.

Monty’s Liquid Carbon is derived from 100% natural elements and is safe and non-toxic for use in all lawn and commercial / agricultural applications. Monty’s Liquid Carbon is not a fertilizer or a fertilizer replacement; it is intended to be used as a soil conditioner in conjunction with your current fertilization program.

The humics in Monty’s Liquid Carbon can serve as a feed source for microbes in the soil, which should have a positive impact on cation exchange in the root zone. This can be applied to the soil in the fall or early spring. Monty’s Seed Starter can be added to the diluted soil conditioner before planting.

Definitions: Soil Organic Matter is decomposing plant and animal life. Bacteria, fungi, and microbes are responsible for the breakdown of these materials. Liquid Carbon encourages healthy soils allowing these organisms to flourish. This process converts and releases nutrients in a useable form to the soil.

Humus results from the breakdown of organic matter and acts as a storage vessel for soil nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, and other micronutrients. Humus improves soil structure, aeration, drainage, and water holding capacity. It serves as a food source for microorganisms, acts as a plant growth stimulator, and increases soil exchange capacity.

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