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I’m Dreaming of Springtime…and Home Grown Vegetables

My father always starts saying after New Year’s has past, “We are one more day closer to spring.” This winter with all the snow and cold we have had so far those are words that are encouraging. One more thing I find encouraging is looking at seed packets and planning and dreaming about my garden under all that snow. I always seem to start with the vegetable garden. Nothing tastes as good as fresh greens from your own garden or container gardens. Here are two new offerings this season: Dutch Darkibor Kale has curly, rich green color with mild, juicy-sweet tender leaves. Kale is a vitamin-rich addition to any dish. Kale also makes a great plant to incorporate into the landscape with its striking foliage. Ella Kropf Lettuce produces tender softball sizes heads of round leaves with a pleasant sweet flavor. This variety passed down by the Kropf family since 1930 before being introduced for sale to the public in 2005. Not having a large vegetable garden I am always looking for space saving varieties that can be grown in containers or raised beds. Honey Nut Baby Butternut Squash offers personal sized squash that turns orange at harvest time with a rich delicious sweet flavor on mildew resistant plants that can climb a fence or trellis. This squash is easy to cook and stores well. Blue Jade Corn grows to 3 feet tall making it perfect for growing in containers. Each plant produces 3-6 ears with sweet, steel-blue kernels that turn jade-blue when boiled. Red Burgundy Okra produces deep crimson-red, 6 inch long pods and the tall stems are adorned with gorgeous yellow flowers accented by red centers. These tender pods are delicious in soup, gumbo, and stew or fried. The red color does fade during cooking but not the flavor. Whether you eat okra or not, this plant is worth growing! Hopefully after reading this you have started to say to yourself, “We are one more day closer to spring.” So stop on by Wedel’s and check out seven different seed companies that offer non GMO seed. Take a break from shoveling and dream about the possibilities that can be this spring!
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