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How can I prevent weeds in my garden?

Rake ChipsThere is a number of ways you can virtually eliminate problem weeds in your cutting garden. One method is to plow the area, irrigate it and wait a couple of weeks allowing the weed seed to germinate and plow again. You’ll have to do this a couple of times.

Another technique is similar. Cultivate your garden area, irrigate and, again, allow the weed seed to germinate and sprout. Apply Hi-Yield Killzall or Roundup to the plants. The active ingredient in both products is glyphosate which will be absorbed and kill the plant including the roots. Once again, wait a couple of weeks and apply the control to any newly sprouted weeds. Ornamental flowers, trees and shrubs may be planted 1 day after application.

When you have planted your new plants and pulled any new weeds, apply mulch to a depth of 2 to 4 inches. Besides keeping new weed populations to a minimum, mulch keeps the soil cool during the hot summer days and aids in moisture retention.  Mulch will help eliminate most of your weeds and make any that do come up easy to pull. However, for better assurance on a weed free bed it is best to treat area with a pre-emergent and also use weed barrier before applying mulch.

 How much mulch will I need?

One yard of mulch covers approximately a 10′ x 10′ area, 3″ deep. To calculate the yardage that you will need, use the following formula: Length x width x depth (convert inches to feet by dividing depth by 12), divide by 27. Round up to the next whole number. This will give you the number of yards that you will need. Example: 10 x 10 x .25 = 25 divided by 27 = .926.

For Bagged Mulch:
You will need 13.5 two cubic foot bags to equal one cubic yard or 9 three cubic foot bags to equal one cubic yard.

How many yards of mulch will my truck hold?

A standard size pick up truck bed can accommodate two cubic yards. A small pick up truck bed can accommodate one cubic yard.

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