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How to Plant a Container Garden

What is a Container Garden?

Container GardenDecorate your patio, deck, and walkways with easy-care containers full of your favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs. In season, Wedel’s carries dozens of beautiful container plants ready for gift giving or to put in your outdoor living area. And of course, our specialty is to help you with choosing the right plants and containers to compliment your landscape. You can even keep the mess here – we’ll be glad to plant up your selections.

For an ultimate container garden, plant flowers in either functional terracotta or decorative pots. Wedel’s has over 200 varieties from which to choose.

To keep the soil from running out of the bottom when watering, place gravel, pot shards or even a nylon stocking in the bottom of the pot.

  1. Never use garden soil in containers; it will compact and cause severe drainage problems. We suggest Fertilome Potting Soil for excellent container plantings. Mix slow release fertilizer into your soil, Osmocote, before filling the pot.
  2. To keep the heavier, deeper pots lighter and easier to manage, fill the bottom of the pot with light weight perlite (1/3 way to the top) and then fill it to the rim with soil.
  3. Plant the tallest plant in the center with cascading plants around the edges. (Lobelia is a great cascade that stays in bloom for a long time.)


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