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How do I repot my plant?

RepottingDon’t worry. It’s not rocket science – you CAN do it.  =)

  1. Carefully pull the root ball out of the pot. If it is really root bound, you may have to wedge it out with a trowel. Worst case, cut or break the pot off of the root ball.
  2. Place a clean stone, a piece of broken pot or a piece of screen over the hole in the bottom of the pot. Your goal is to allow water out, but not soil.
  3. Scoop into the bottom of the new pot a professional potting mix. A potting mix is NOT dirt! Soil is a mixture of products that have been proven to make your plant grow best. Wedel’s proudly carries Fertilome and Scotts Miracle Gro products. You want to have the root ball in some new soil on the bottom and on the sides but not to have it mounded on top. Mounding will make it difficult to water properly as the water will gush over the sides.
  4. After a small amount of soil is in the bottom of the pot, rough up, with your hand, the root ball. Just massage it a little and get some of the old soil off.
  5. Set root ball into prepared pot.
  6. Start filling in the sides with soil being careful to NOT put any soil up farther on the stem. New soil over the stem will rot the stem and cause your plant to die. Make sure to semi-pack in the sides with soil all the way around.
  7. Water the fresh soil and, after it has settled, you may wish to add more.

Good job! We knew you could do it! If you would rather have the professionals at Wedel’s do it, we would be more than happy to do your repotting for you.

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