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Grass is just grass. Why do I need to fertilize?

As homeowners became more and more interested in the appearance of their property a great deal of study was done on what makes up a large part of that property: grass. The desire for a nice lawn led some to begin fertilizing with some success. As time went on and more study undertaken and seed became more hybridized, more specialized. Seed was developed to attain a desirable color, specialized ability to grow in certain conditions (sunny, shady, various climatic regions etc.), disease resistance and drought tolerance among other characteristics. Nearly all lawns today are made up of grasses from this type of seed. In order for grass plants, that have been developed in such a way, to perform their best, supplemental feeding is necessary. Really, grass is no longer “just grass”.

For more information, bring a soil or sod sample and stop in and talk to the friendly lawn care professionals at Wedel’s to learn the best type of fertilizer for your lawn!

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