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Fun Facts About Butterflies

Did you know…Butterflies_UFmuseum

~Butterflies go through four stages of development: ova (egg), larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), adult (butterfly).

~Butterflies make a CHRYSALIS, moths make a cocoon.


~The beautiful Mourning Cloak butterfly sometimes plays dead.

~Question Mark and Comma Butterflies are so named because of the markings on the undersides of their wings.

~Butterflies overwinter in all stages of development.

~In addition to nectar from flowers, some butterflies eat fruit, tree sap, and even dung.

~Because they are cold blooded, butterflies need to warm their flight muscles before they can fly.

~It takes approximately four weeks for the butterfly to complete its lifecycle.

~Mourning Cloak, Question Mark, and Comma butterflies overwinter as adults and are sometimes seen in the winter on warm, sunny days.Question_mark_butterfly_on_common_milkweed_flower

~There are many predators that find butterfly larva tasty, including spiders, wasps, some types of flies, and beetles.

~Summer Monarchs are genetically different than the late summer Monarchs which migrate to Mexico.

~Migratory Monarchs live 8-9 months, while summer Monarchs live 2-4 weeks.monarch-butterfly-957784_960_720

~Not all Monarch migrate.  Some are year round residents in the southern states along the Gulf of Mexico.

~Western Monarchs migrate to the Pacific Grove area and overwinter in eucalyptus trees.

~Eastern Monarchs overwinter in the Michoacan peninsula of Mexico in Oyamel fir trees.

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