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Deliciously Beautiful Berry Plants

July 2015                                                    


Deliciously Beautiful Berry Plants                             brazelberries

         By: Terrie Schwartz

There isn’t anything tastier than fresh-off-the-plant raspberries, blueberries and grapes! Many of you have gardens to grow delicious, fresh fruit and many of you only wish that you had room to put in fruiting plants. This summer, a brand-new line of berry plants has been introduced that grow beautifully in containers. BrazelBerries are compact fruiting plants that are pretty enough to put in containers on your deck! You will love the amazingly delicious fruit, especially when it’s on the deck and easy to pick for topping your morning cereal!


Following are some of the delicious choices that are a cinch to grow:

BrazelBerries Raspberry Shortcake Plants. These revolutionary, dwarf thornless raspberries have  a compact growth habit that thrives in patio pots or in your landscape. You’ll appreciate that there is no trellising or staking or big garden space  required. BrazleBerry raspberry plants produce full-size, nutritious and super sweet raspberries mid-summer.


BrazelBerries Peach Sorbet, Jelly Bean and Blueberry Glaze Blueberry Plants.

All three of these varieties fruit in mid-summer on 1-3 foot size plants.

These compact blueberry plants are showstoppers with stunning leaves. Spring’s white, bell-shaped flowers will give way to an abundant summer crop of healthy, sweet blueberries mid-summer then showy foliage in the fall. Plants are a perfect for the landscape or patio containers. 


Pixie Grape Plants. Now growing grapes is easy for the home gardener! This amazing plant produces 4″ clusters all year long! Pixie grape is a 1-2 ft. high dwarf grapevine that may be grown in the ground, but does best in containers. Grow outside in full sun all season and bring inside for the winter, where it will continue to fruit. Purple fruits have few seeds and a sweet-tart flavor.


Whether you are looking for something easy, something pretty, or something delicious, these plants hit the spot. Growing your own healthy fruit just got easier!



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