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Small Waterfall with beautiful greenery surrounding it

Simple Water Features for Small Spaces

A simple water feature can make a large impact even in small spaces. The addition of a container water garden will transform, beautify and diversify your existing garden into an oasis that brings relief during the dog days of summer and beyond. Sit back, relax and enjoy the melodious sound of dancing water from your g Read more

Winter Plant Protection

It’s time to get your outdoor living area ready for the winter months. Your gardens will look so much better next spring if you put a little time into them Read more

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How to Have a Carpet-like Lawn

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Easily Seed Your Lawn

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Thatch’s All Folks

Though we tend to think only about the inch or two of each grass shoot that we see, there’s a whole root system working underneath it.  Over time, some of Read more

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Product Spotlight: Monty’s Liquid Carbon Soil Conditioner

Introducing Time In A Bottle: Nature developed your soils by incorporating a cycle of life, death, and decay. Over time, these layers became your rich, fertile topsoil. Today, however, many Read more

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How long should I run my sprinklers to get 1/2″ of water on my lawn?

The rule of thumb for watering lawns is 1/2 inch, twice per week. There are some variables however. If we have very dry weather patterns, plan to add a watering. Read more

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Grass is just grass. Why do I need to fertilize?

As homeowners became more and more interested in the appearance of their property a great deal of study was done on what makes up a large part of that property: Read more

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Lawn Feeding Program

Using advice from Wedel’s Lawn Pros and the quality products offered at Wedel’s will help ensure your lawn growing success. Wedel’s sells quality grass seed only. Wedel’s buyers select varieties Read more

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