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How do I care for my Amaryllis?

Amaryllis adds beauty to every interior! Forcing these wonderful flowers into bloom yourself is not hard to do and it gives you lots of satisfaction. You don’t need much to Read more

How to Plant a Container Garden

What is a Container Garden? Decorate your patio, deck, and walkways with easy-care containers full of your favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs. In season, Wedel’s carries dozens of beautiful container Read more

How to Care for a Mulberry Tree

Check to see if mulberries will tolerate the weather in your area. You wouldn’t want to spend all of that time just to have it die a week or so Read more

Is there anything I can plant that the deer won’t like?

Plants on this list are not preferred by deer. It does not mean that deer always avoid them. If other food sources are available these plants will probably be overlooked. Read more

Seasonal Pond Care and Winterization

How should I care for my pond season by season? Β  How do I winterize my pond plants? In liner ponds, hardy plants can stay in the pond. Water plants Read more

Pond Troubleshooting

Green water is an algae bloom and can be a symptom of many different problems. Overfeeding, too few plants, too many fish, insufficient filtration or aeration, surface runoff, too much sunlight or water changes can contribute to green water. Read more

What size pump and how many plants will I need for my pond?

What size pump will I need for my pond? Determining what size of pump you will need depends on the volume of your pond and whether or not you have Read more

What’s the difference between oxygenators, marginals and floating water plants?

Marginals / Bog Plants:Β  These are shallow-water plants that live in either shallow water or very moist soil. They are grown at the edge of a pond or in water Read more

How long should I run my sprinklers to get 1/2″ of water on my lawn?

The rule of thumb for watering lawns is 1/2 inch, twice per week. There are some variables however. If we have very dry weather patterns, plan to add a watering. Read more

Grass is just grass. Why do I need to fertilize?

As homeowners became more and more interested in the appearance of their property a great deal of study was done on what makes up a large part of that property: Read more