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Composting 101 by Karen Anderson

Now that you’re done planting your annuals and veggies, and spring chores are slowing down, it’s time to think about composting. Composting reduces what goes to landfills and is a Read more

How to Naturally Clean the Air in Your Home or Apartment

The Best Way to Start Seeds in Spring

Emerald Ash Borers – Protect Your Trees

Β  In North America, the Emerald Ash Borer has been found in ash trees only. Trees in woodlots as well as landscaped areas are affected. Larval galleries have been in Read more

How can I prevent weeds in my garden?

There is a number of ways you can virtually eliminate problem weeds in your cutting garden. One method is to plow the area, irrigate it and wait a couple of Read more

What is the proper way to prune trees and evergreens?

Thanks largely to the work of Dr. Alex L. Shigo and other scientists at the USDA Forest Service’s Northeastern Forest Experiment Station in Durham, North Carolina, much is now understood Read more