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A Glimpse at Heirloom Seeds

What are Heirloom Seeds?                                                                      Bean_seed

 Heirloom seeds offer gardeners seeds that have been carefully passed on from generation to generation. Some of these seeds can go very far back in history, reflecting the ancient source for a particular type of food that was native to the region.  Not only are heirloom seeds a reflection of our history, but they often offer incredible flavor and disease resistance among vegetables, fruits & grains.

 Wedel’s offers some of my favorite heirloom bean varieties.

Burpee Black Turtle: these easy-to-grow beans thrive in heat and drought. Black Turtles have been grown for an estimated 3000 years in native Central America. These beans are wonderful for black bean salsa and are indispensable for Tex-Mex style cooking. Two other ancient bean varieties you will want to try and are sure to fall in love with include Mexican Red Beans and Pinto Beans. All three of these varieties are easy to grow and require very little water.  

Here are a few more of the heirloom seeds we offer at Wedel’s:

Hudson Tom Thumb Pea – is an English heirloom. If peas can be “adorable” then this one is first in line. Tom Thumb grows only 10-12” tall so is perfect for containers and wee sized gardens.

Connecticut Field Pumpkins – were grown in America by Native Americans before the pilgrims arrived. They are large pumpkins with brilliant thick flesh, ideal for carving into jack o lanterns or for use as an all-purpose pumpkin

Golden Bantam Corn – In 1902 Burpee introduced the first yellow corn variety the Golden Bantam and it soon became tremendously popular. Within a decade after its introduction, the entire country had switched from white corn to gold. You’ll be amazed at the broad well defined kernels and the sweet starchiness of their flavor. Golden Bantam is open pollinated.



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