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Water Gardens and Ponds

Water gardening offers an entirely new and unique perspective to the traditional “digging in the dirt” style of gardening.

The vibrancy and variety of pond plants can add a pleasant dimension to your backyard landscapes. And not only are they beautiful, but very useful to the ecosystems of ponds and container planters as well.

Water plants can reduce algae growth, boost oxygen levels, maintain regular water temperature, and provide shade, nutrition, and hiding places for fish. And remember, everyone can enjoy the benefits of water gardening, whether it means a container of water plants on the back deck or a full size backyard lily pond.

Wedel’s offers a wide variety of deep water, marginal/bog plants, and oxygenators as well as fountains, statuary, pond kits and supplies.  Looking for fish to add to your pond?  We carry koi fish, butterfly koi, shubunkin and oranda.    We invite you to stop in to our Kalamazoo store and see our full selection of plants, fish and supplies, or speak to a water garden expert to learn more.


Marginal/Bog Plants carried at Wedel’s

  • Arrowhead
  • Banana/Elephant Ear
  • Calla
  • Cattail
  • Iris
  • Lotus
  • Palm
  • Rush
  • Sweetflag
  • Taro
  • and many more!

Deep Water Plants carried at Wedel’s

  • Floaters
  • Water Lily

Oxygenators carried at Wedel’s

  • Anacharis
  • Fiber Optic Plant
  • Hair Grass
  • Mares Tail
  • Parrots Feather
  • Red Stemmed Parrots Feather
  • Sword Plant

Pond Supplies carried at Wedel’s

  • AccuClear
  • Algafix and Ecofix
  • pH Up and pHDown
  • Pond-zyme Plus
  • SImply Clear
  • Filters and Falls
  • Skimmers
  • Fountains & Statuary
  • Aquaglow Lighting
  • Pond Liners and Underlayment
  • Pond Soil
  • Hy-Drive and Magnetic Pumps

Fish sold at Wedel’s

  • Fantail
  • Koi
  • Oranda
  • Sarasa Comet
  • Shunbunkin
  • Trap Door Snails (In Season)

Fish Food sold at Wedel’s

  • Pond Care Spring / Autumn Fish Pellets
  • Pond Care Summer FIsh Pellets
  • Tetra Fish Food