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Kalamazoo Florist: Mother’s Day, Sweetest Day, Easter

We have a terrific, talented, and friendly staff that is willing to help you with your order and to get the perfect arrangement delivered anywhere in the Kalamazoo / Portage limits and surrounding areas; Schoolcraft, Climax, Mattawan, Scotts, Vicksburg.

Call us at 269-345-1195 or toll-free at 855-4 WEDELS (855-493-3357) to place your order or to request more information.

  1. Sweetest Day Memories: Happy memories of your sweet thoughtfulness will win the day with this cheerful delivery of Oriental lilies, roses and tulips.  $89.00 – $127.00
  2. The Boss’s Bounty: Show your boss what a great crew he or she has! Fresh ginger, protea and orchids are a dramatic and memorable way to say, “We’re glad we work for you!”  $86.00
  3. Floral Fireworks: Celebrate freedom with Floral Fireworks on the 4th of July! Perfect for picnics, and a most thoughtful salute to send to those who have loved ones serving our country.
  4. Father’s Day Garden: A variety of succulent plants attest to his success in raising such a fine and thoughtful son or daughter. He’ll love you even more!  $45.00 – $75.00
  5. To Dad, With Love: He’ll burst with pride when you remember him on his day with this striking and masterful floral vase arrangement. (Similar container available.)  $79.00 – $102.00
  6. To Mom with Thanks: Our fresh and colorful Gerbera daisy plant arrives all decked out with perky ribbon and your heartfelt, thankful greetings. (Seasonally available.)  $19.00 – $27.00
  7. Basket of Love: When you have a truly special Mom, she deserves this truly stunning basket of roses, Oriental lilies, trachelium and more!  $68.00 – $108.00
  8. My Mother, My Friend: Share what’s in your heart with this warm and sunny vase arrangement; overflowing with roses, hydrangea, Gerbera daisies and your good wishes.  $94.00 – $121.00
  9. Thanks to You!:  With a keepsake mug and morning-fresh flowers, it’s the “write” way to say, “Thanks for all you do!”  $31.00 – $42.00
  10. Write On!: Pencil in this bright greeting for Administrative Professionals Day. Any doubts about how much you value them will be erased immediately!  $59.00 – $74.00
  11. Egg Hunt Garden: $Easter-time fun for all ages! Colored eggs peek out from our spring-fresh garden of irises, roses, narcissus and wheat grass.  $80.00 – $107.00
  12. Cheers To You!:  Here’s a novel way to brighten anyone’s day. It’s good for what “ales” you!  $29.00
  13. St. Patty’s Surprise: Share a top o’ the mornin’ surprise with your favorite lads and lassies! Green and glorious anthuriums, spider mums and more.  $83.00 – $108.00

Call us at 269-345-1195 or toll-free at 855-4 WEDELS (855-493-3357) to place your order or to request more information.

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