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We have a terrific, talented, and friendly staff that are willing to help you with your order and to get the perfect arrangement delivered anywhere in the Kalamazoo / Portage limits and surrounding areas; Schoolcraft, Climax, Mattawan, Scotts, Vicksburg.

Call us at 269-345-1195 or toll-free at 855-4 WEDELS (855-493-3357) to place your order or to request more information or click here to order online.

  1. A Whole Latte Fun!  Cocoa mix, chocolates and biscotti accompany a cappuccino mug brimming with Gerbera daisies, roses and pompons. A Whole Latte Fun to send and receive!  $59.00 – $74.00
  2. Morning Mist: Savor the pleasure of a dew-kissed dawn with this mug full of ‘Green Tea’ roses, button pompons, Italian ruscus and seeded eucalyptus.  $35.00 – $45.00
  3. Teddy Bear Garden: Cuddly and colorful, our Teddy Bear Garden is a delight for every age! Perky sunflowers, roses, alstroemeria and, of course, one winsome teddy bear.  $73.00 – $93.00
  4. Precious Poodle: No one can resist the perky playfulness of this mum-and-pompon poodle in a basket. For dog-lovers everywhere!  $84.00
  5. Soda Fountain Memories: Bring back the good old days of sharing a soda down at the drugstore. This captivating novelty brings new memories to savor.  $24.00 – $28.00
  6. Ginger Surprise:  The soft, vibrant petals of ginger and Cymbidium orchids are complemented by the hue and texture of artichokes in this tropical vase arrangement.  $130.00 – $219.00
  7. Paradise Pleasures: Bird of Paradise soar in this tropical vase arrangement, also featuring anthuriums and dendrobium orchids.  $80.00 – $111.00
  8. Aloha Lovely: Share greetings of the day with this meditative design featuring large pink anthuriums and ginger. Ah, the romance of the Islands.  $90.00 – $131.00
  9. Asian Inspiration: You’ll feel energized by the vibrant colors and flowing lines of this commanding masterpiece.$80.00 – $113.00
  10. Tropical Celebration: Feel the sunshine and ocean breezes! Bird of Paradise, orchids and anthurium are captivating in this brilliant double-vase arrangement connected with lucky bamboo.  $79.00 – $119.00
  11. Pretty as a Pitcher: Vibrant sunflowers are the focal point of this countryside garden bouquet in a keepsake pitcher. Waxflower, larkspur and delphinium add color and flair. (Similar container available.)  $60.00 – $74.00
  12. Good Morning Mug: Here’s a delightful way to rise and shine! Drink in the beauty of our fresh-picked Oriental lilies, daisy mums and carnations. (Similar container available.)  $34.00 – $55.00
  13. Day Greeter: Start the day off right with this burst of orange roses, miniature Gerbera daisies, blue Belladonna delphinium and bear grass in a ceramic mug. (Similar container available.)  $38.00 – $56.00
  14. The Grand Gardener:  What better way to send showers of spring greetings to your flower-loving friends? Roses, lilies, delphinium and even more earthly delights! (Similar container available.)  $65.00 – $89.00
  15. Timeless Topiary:  Wired alstroemeria put a contemporary spin on the traditional topiary, with a colorful bed of limonium and purple stock. A timeless treasure!  $60.00
  16. Wildflower Garden: Name your favorite flower and it’s here! Send a rainbow of good wishes to all you hold dear. (Similar container available.)  $69.00 – $99.00
  17. Bright Basket of Joy: Red roses and tulips accented with daisies and solidago bring joy to all who receive this charming garden basket.  $64.00 – $94.00
  18. Terra Cotta Treasures: A treasured greeting for any occasion, our fiery collection of snapdragons, Gerbera daisies, lilies and more rises gaily from an earthenware pot.  $52.00 – $92.00
  19. Herbs and Flowers: Fresh-picked from the fields, stems of fragrant sage and mint accent our sun-fresh florals, sending zesty good wishes and cheer! (Similar container available.)  $65.00 – $122.00
  20. Glorious Gladiolus: Let this glorious garden of towering gladiolus carry your cheery greetings and good wishes on their way.  $95.00
  21. Ooh La La: This dramatic design features pink Oriental lilies nestled in pink “crushed ice.” Ooh-la-la!  $90.00 – $209.00
  22. Classy Carnations: Carnations have never looked so classy and stunning as in our cluster arrangement, accented with folded ti leaves.  $56.00 – $93.00
  23. Sunflower Fields: Fresh from the fields, our dazzling sunflowers are sure to please all those who bring sunshine to your life.  $66.00
  24. Daisy Daze: A sparkling glass vase overflowing with sun-kissed daisies is a sure-fire way to brighten anyone’s day!  $35.00 – $57.00
  25. Awesome Alstroemeria: Alstroemeria signify devotion, prosperity and fortune. This awesome arrangement delivers all these sentiments and more.  $56.00 – $76.00
  26. Black and White Style:  The utmost in contemporary elegance. A bright white lily, Gerbera daisies and snapdragons surround five mystical black calla lilies.  $90.00 – $159.00
  27. Simply Sensational:  Featuring 21 varieties of flowers and every color of the rainbow, this sensational arrangement delivers an entire garden in one vase.  $95.00 – $174.00
  28. Pure Pleasures: Pure beauty and sweet innocence come to life in this dreamy collection of pearly white and pastel blooms.  $90.00 – $174.00
  29. Bells of Beauty: Soaring bells of Ireland are the focal point of this green and glorious monochromatic beauty.  $84.00 – $120.00
  30. Over the Rainbow:  Send spirits soaring with this colorful collection of nature’s most majestic blooms: roses, orchids, Gerbera daisies and lilies. $65.00 – $185.00 w/  Orchids
  31. Nature’s Glory: Share Nature’s Glory and surprise someone special today!  $40.00 – $52.00
  32. Garden of Sunshine: For birthdays, get well or “just because you’re special” greetings, our sunny garden of spring-fresh blossoms is sure to bring delight!  $65.00 – $105.00
  33. The Greeting Basket: Lavender and lovely, our fresh-packed Greeting Basket features alstroemeria, roses, daisies, mums and more!  $45.00 – $90.00
  34. Sunshine Sparkle: Sunny yellow roses, mums and lilies rise from sparkling glass stones-a bright and cheery centerpiece for any table!  $59.00 – $97.00
  35. Soaring Beauty: Our elevated centerpiece with ‘Stargazer’ lilies, foxtail fern and curly willow will be the talk of your next event. This towering design makes conversation easy at the table. (Similar container available.)  $85.00 – $141.00
  36. Shining Splendor: Softly glowing candlelight tops off this sensational centerpiece of cascading lilies, roses, snapdragons and other floral favorites.  $105.00 – $215.00
  37. Spider Gerberas in Bud Vase:  Wired and wow! A trio of spidery Gerberas command attention and send greetings that are “fresh as a daisy!”  $24.00 – $40.00
  38. Roses in Glass Cube: Short and sweet! That describes this compact cube of delightful roses.  $35.00
  39. Tulips and Hypericum in Glass Cube:  This contemporary composition combines tulips and hypericum into a sweeping display.  $67.00
  40. Kangaroo Paw, Asters and Roses: A fresh interpretation of the classic bud vase with asters, kangaroo paw and roses.  $27.00 – $37.00
  41. Gerberas in Bud Vase: Wired and wow! Two gleaming Gerberas command attention and send greetings that are “fresh as a daisy!”  $17.00 – $24.00
  42. Sunshine Splendor: Bright-yellow lilies and fire-orange roses awaken the senses with sunny greetings for any occasion. Brighten someone’s day today!  $56.00 – $88.00
  43. Purple Pleasures: Regal purple draws “oohs” and “aahs” in this lovely centerpiece of roses, lisianthus, carnations and more!  $99.00 – $146.00
  44. The Classic Urn: Stunning for buffets, parties and everyday elegance, our classic urn cascades with lilies, roses, delphinium and other gourmet floral fancies. (Similar container available.)  $139.00 – $189.00
  45. Pedestal Pedals: This towering display of lilies, larkspur, roses and more commands attention in a joyful burst of color and fragrance. (Similar container available.)  $79.00 – $150.00
  46. The Classic Compote: Overflowing with orchids, roses, Gerbera daisies, alstroemeria, carnations, tulips –  classic, and so very classy.  $179.00 – $276.00
  47. White Wonder: A white Oriental lily surrounded by roses, Fuji mums and white stock is wondrous and wonderful!  $69.00 – $111.00 
  48. Heavenly Hand Tied: Create days and nights of magic with this heavenly hand-tied arrangement of roses, carnations, tulips and more.  $79.00 – $100.00
  49. Blooms in Box: Roses and ribbon fill a keepsake recipe box to the brim! (Similar container available.)  $84.00
  50. Beautiful Boxed Blooms: This exquisite design features roses, hypericum and alstroemeria in a keepsake faux leather box. (Similar container available.)  $130.00
  51. Turquoise Garden: Amazing shapes and textures will capture anyone’s fancy in this dazzling dish garden brimming with roses, tulips and daisies.  $55.00 – $72.00
  52. Eau de Tulips: Ten tulip stems, submerged under water, create a striking presentation for all to “sea” and enjoy.  $65.00 – $107.00
  53. Yellow Fever:  Think spring all year long with this celebration of sunshine blossoms- forsythia, yellow Gerbera daisies, orange ranunculus and white tulips.  $78.00 – $112.00
  54. Blossom Bowl:  A singular Gerbera daisy is highlighted in a delightfully petite bubble bowl.  $17.00 – $24.00
  55. Bowl of Beauty: Stunning roses, Gerbera daisies, lilies and carnations make a dazzling impression!  $78.00 – $136.00
  56. Pink & Pearly Pleasures: Oh-so pink, oh-so pretty – oh, so pleasing! Fragrant roses, perky daisies and tulips are studded with pearls and woven with gossamer ribbon.  $159.00 – $321.00
  57. Purple Passion: This hand-tied-and-wired bouquet of roses, irises, delphinium and more rises passionately from a nesting of colored glass. (Similar container available.)  $48.00 – $79.00
  58. Red & White Delight: Fresh and fancy daisies, roses, alstroemeria and more! Add fragrant delight to someone’s day and make fond memories now.  $36.00 – $65.00
  59. Sunrise Surprise:  Everyone’s emotions will rise and shine with this bright, delightful basket of roses, alstroemeria, pompons and more!  $59.50 – $86.00
  60. Basket of Gladness: Pick a peck of fresh blooms to brighten any day! Pink snapdragons top this gathering of pretty petals in a pastel basket.  $149.00 – $207.00
  61. Dazzling Delight: Delight someone special, including yourself, today! Featuring a ‘Razzle Dazzle’ rose, Gerbera daisy, red hypericum and more!  $38.00 – $65.00
  62. Simply Sparkling: Decorative glass stones and winding wire add perky pizzazz to the perfect floral bouquet.  $48.00 – $73.00
  63. Floral Fantasy: When you want to make a great impression, send dreamy lilies, roses and hydrangea encircled in flax leaves. $56.00 – $76.00
  64. Gerbera Greetings: Let this sparkling vase of garden delights carry your warm wishes on their merry way!  $32.00 – $44.00
  65. Stargazer Garden: Our freshest collection of ‘Stargazer’ lilies, bells of Ireland, irises and more. Simply heavenly!  $43.00 -$78.00
  66. Garnet Grandeur: Grand and glorious for any occasion: ruby red roses, bright white lilies and verdant greens.  $94.00 – $145.00
  67. Charming Gerberas: Miniature Gerbera daisies and camellia spring forth from a dazzling glass vase to put a happy smile on everyone’s face.  $85.00 – $145.00
  68. Gerbera Garden: A whole garden of Gerbera daisies to brighten up every heart and home!  $64.00 – $101.00
  69. Fruitful Fancies: Fresh from the orchard, vineyard and plantation – our Fruitful Fancies basket overflows with delicious, nutritious delights. (Two days advanced notice required.)  $65.00
  70. The Grand Gourmet: Candies, crackers, sparkling water, chocolates and more. The Grand Gourmet features a savory selection of treats that everyone will enjoy! (Arranged on special request. Two days advanced notice required.)  $114.00
  71. Fruit and Gourmet Basket: The season’s freshest fruits and a sweet selection of gourmet delights is sure to please and pamper everyone! (Arranged by special request. Two days advanced notice required.)  $71.00
  72. Rosy Rewards: Specialty roses, daisy pompons, alstroemeria and hypericum are a festive, fragrant reward for a fine performance in any field.  $58.00
  73. Presentation Bouquet: When they’ve turned in a star-studded performance, present them with this star-quality bouquet of roses, lilies, delphinium, alstroemeria and more.  $89.00 – $119.00
  74. You Did It!: Every wonderful accomplishment deserves this wonderous acknowledgement, featuring an elegant calla lily kissed by roses, alstroemeria, carnations and trachelium.  $48.0  – $68.00
  75. Bowl of Bright Wishes: Send your festive congratulations along with this bright, cheery bowl of roses, Gerbera daisies, pompons, carnations and trachelium. Way to go!  $58.00 – $72.00 
  76. Hooray for You!:  Celebrate any grand accomplishment with this grand bouquet of roses, Gerbera daisies, larkspur and hypericum, topped with a Congratulations balloon!  $70.00 – $92.00
  77. Oh Baby! Basket: Welcome the new little one and share family joy with this sunshine basket brimming with alstroemeria and pompons.  $42.00 – $52.00
  78. Her First Flowers: Sweet pink roses, Gerbera daisies and tulips are sure to delight the new little miss – and her thankful mother!  $99.00 – $132.00
  79. Baby Blue Basket:  Celebrate a bouncing baby boy with this fresh basketful of heavenly hydrangea, Gerbera daisies and white stock.  $67.00
  80. The Best Medicine: Bright-colored lilies, hydrangea, Gerbera daisies, carnations, pompons and larkspur are lively and soothing at the same time – The Best Medicine!  $79.00 – $104.00
  81. Wishing You Well: Fresh-picked as if from an English garden, this uplifting vase bouquet features roses, celosia, liatris, irises, hydrangea and more.  $89.00 – $108.00
  82. Get Well Dish Garden: Fresh flowers and luscious green plants are a sure way to lift someone’s spirits. Our Get Well Dish Garden is just what the doctor ordered!  $72.00 – $99.00
  83. Golden Anniversary: A beautiful way to celebrate a wonderful milestone. Stunning roses, lilies, freesia and tulips in a gold designer bowl.  $99.00 – $148.00
  84. Silver Anniversary: Pearl-studded hydrangea, white roses, Queen Anne’s lace and football mums recall all your years together. Show her that “together” is still where you love to be.  $89.00 – $116.00
  85. Awesome Anniversary: Show her how happy you are to have her in your life. A sparkling glass vase overflowing with favorite flowers for your forever-favorite girl.  $99.00 – $168.00
  86. Thanks for Saying Yes:  When you’re still glad you asked, this bright mixed-flower bouquet says it all (and you can still whisper sweetly in her ear).  $89.00 – $114.00
  87. Fit for a Queen: If she’s still the queen of your heart, show her with this regal, awe-inspiring bouquet of roses, snapdragons, alstroemeria, daisies, tulips and more!  $119.00 – $176.00
  88. Oh-Oh, Over the Hill!: Their memory might be failing, but they’ll never forget this birthday surprise! Spray-painted kangaroo paw, roses, Gerbera daisies, carnations and a balloon to remind them of their “accomplishment.”  $69.00 – $99.00
  89. Happy Birthday Mug: A large cappuccino mug overflows with colorful daisy mums, solidago, alstroemeria and statice.  $34.00 – $41.00
  90. Birthday Bud Vase: Sweet and simple – and stunning! We pack a garden of glorious blooms in a milk jug bud vase and deliver your “Happy Birthday” wishes in style.
  91. Birthday Stems and Streamers: It’s a birthday party in a vase! Roses, Fuji mums, Asiatic lilies, carnations and Gerbera daisies all decked out with streamers and your “Happy Birthday” wishes.  $57.00 – $97.00
  92. Happy Birthday Basket:  The party begins when this vase full of flowers and balloons arrives! Roses, Fuji mums, alstroemeria and A basket brimming with our freshest daisy pompons, alstroemeria, an Asiatic lily and carnations, topped with a birthday balloon. The best gift for every age!more!  $53.00 – $68.00
  93. Here’s the Party!:  The party begins when this vase full of flowers and balloons arrives! Roses, Fuji mums, alstroemeria and more!  $89.00 – $103.00
  94. Blooming Cupcake: Cute as a cupcake, but even more clever! A spray rose, mums and a candle make a novel birthday surprise. The perfect party favor to accompany our Blooming Birthday Cake.  $12.00
  95. Blooming Birthday Cake: They’ll never forget this incredible birthday surprise! Spray roses, pompons and mums create a fun-filled, fat-free birthday greeting.  $125.00

Call us at 269-345-1195 or toll-free at 855-4 WEDELS (855-493-3357) to place your order or to request more information.

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1. A Whole Latte Fun!
2. Morning Mist
3. Teddy Bear Garden
4. Precious Poodle
5. Soda Fountain Memories
6. Ginger Surprise
7. Paradise Pleasures
8. Aloha Lovely
9. Asian Inspiration
10. Tropical Celebration
11. Pretty as a Pitcher
12. Good Morning Mug
13. Day Greeter
14. The Grand Gardner
15. Timeless Topiary
16. Wildflower Garden
17. Bright Basket of Joy
18. Terra Cotta Treasures
19. Herbs and Flowers
20. Glorious Gladiolus
21. Ooh La La
22. Classy Carnations
23. Sunflower Fields
24. Daisy Daze
25. Awesome Alstroemeria
26. Black and White Style
27. Simply Sensational
28. Pure Pleasures
29. Bells of Beauty
30. Over the Rainbow
31. Nature's Glory
32. Garden of Sunshine
33. The Greeting Basket
34. Sunshine Sparkle
35. Soaring Beauty
36. Shining Splendor
37. Spider Gerberas in Bud Vase
38. Roses in Glass Cube
39. Tulips And Hypericum In Glass Cube
40. Kangaroo Paw, Asters, and Roses
41. Gerberas in Bud Vase
42. Sunshine Splendor
43. Purple Pleasures
44. The Classic Urn
45. Pedestal Petals
46. The CLassic Compote
47. White Wonder
48. Heavenly Hand Tied
49. Blooms in Box
50. Beautiful Boxed Blooms
51. Turquoise Garden
52. Eau de Tulips
53. Yellow Fever
54. Blossom Bowl
55. Bowl of Beauty
56. Pink and Pearly Pleasures
57. Purple Passion
58. Red & White Delight
59. Sunrise Surprise
60. Basket of Gladness
61. Dazzling Delight
62.Simply Sparkling
63. Floral Fantasy
64. Gerbera Greetings
65. Stargazer Garden
66. Garnet Grandeur
67. Charming Gerberas
68. Gerbera Garden
69. Fruitful Fancies
70. The Grand Gourmet
71. Fruit and Gourmet Basket
72. Rosy Rewards
73. Presentation Bouquet
74. You Did It!
75. Bowl of Bright Wishes
76. Hooray for You!
77. Oh Baby! Basket
78. Her First Flowers
79. Baby Blue Basket
80. The Best Medicine
81. Wishing You Well
82. Get Well Dish Garden
83. Golden Anniversary
84. Silver Anniversary
85. Awesome Anniversary
86. Thanks for Saying Yes
87. Fir for a Queen
88. Oh-Oh Over the Hill
89. Happy Birthday Mug
90. Birthday Bud Vase
91. Birthday Stems and Streamers
92. Happy Birthday Basket
93. Here's the Party
94. Blooming Cupcake
95. Blooming Birthday Cake